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162 Jersey City Establishments are Turning Grease Into Green

We are please to announce that over the past 6 months Grease Lightning has collected and recycled 19,000 gallons of used cooking oil, or kitchen grease from Jersey City food service establishments. Every single drop of these collections has been cleaned using Unity Fuel’s proprietary and patent pending technology and used exclusively in Biodiesel.  According to the EPA, every gallon of waste grease recycled into Biodiesel removes the equivalent of 17.4 lbs of carbon emissions. Using this calculation they have removed, approximately 330,600 lbs of carbon emissions or 165 tons of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. This is equivalent to removing two tractor trailer trucks from our roads for an entire year of driving.

The program, a partnership between Destination Jersey City, the Jersey City Economic Development Corporation, and Unity Fuels’ Grease Lightning, pays participating food-service organizations 10¢ per gallon for used cooking oil.

The contractual agreement and other information about the program may be obtained by phoning Grease Lightning/Unity Fuels at 973-531-7816 or visiting their website www.yourwasteourfuel.com.