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Diet Half -Truths!

Diet Half -Truths!


Don’t be fooled by only what you hear! Take the time to read up on things to really see if they are true or false. Diet’s are always a tricky one. When deciding to live a healthier lifestyle I get confused on which things are true about food or just a gimmick. Here are a few things you need to know about diet nutrition that are real and ready to educate you.

1. Margarine is more heart healthy than butter! Can you believe it? It all depends on what type of margarine you’re talking about. Because it’s made from vegetable oils and is lower in saturated fat than butter, margarine is often promoted as a healthier alternative. But the process of converting those oils into solids to make margarine can result in trans fats, which are thought to be worse for our hearts than the saturated kind. (Huffington Post)

2.Chocolate is good for you: Yes! I knew it or hoped for it. However you need to make sure its the right chocolate, usually dark chocolate is better and the raw cocoa is high in antioxidants, of course this needs to be in a small portion. To avoid weight gain.

3.Gluten is harmful: This is not always true. If you have certain conditions than yes gluten products are bad for you, but as for  others there is gluten-free items that can actually be less healthier for you.

4. Vitamin C Fights colds: The truth on this is its offers no protection for mos people. If you feel a cold coming on usually Zinc is something to take to help cut the cold time in half.

5. Vegetarian diets are more healthful than other diets:Vegetarians tend to be leaner than non vegetarian. Also these tend to live longer than the other population. So it may seem that this is a good way to go.

6. Eating after 8pm causes weight gain: There have been studies done that show that eating late is not necessarily bad for you, True, if you eat late you wont burn as many calories. However, your body still burns off the calories at night no matter what, it just might not be as fast.

7. Green Tea Helps you lose weight:Green tea may have a slight effect on weight loss but not enough to matter.You’re better off to exercise to get your metabolism going.

Robert J. Davis, Ph.D.

Award-winning health journalist; Author, ‘Coffee Is Good for You’