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Governor Christie Declares State of Emergency

Trenton: Governor Christie has just announced that the state has activated state emergency procedures in advance of Hurricane Irene. This puts all state and local government agencies on alert and coordinated to handle any emergencies that may arise. DEP, OEM, National Guard are all on deck.
The current track of the storm is taking Irene possibly into Cape May and directly over the Garden State. There is talk of possible mandatory evacuations of coastal areas in harms way.

“Anyone who has shore rentals, do not go. We do not want people going to the shore. If you’re there now, please leave voluntarily and be out of the shore area by tomorrow evening. It’s very likely we will close all access to barrier islands. I am considering a mandatory evacuation and it needed will do so”, said Governor Christie.

Christie continued, “Local shelters will be open and available for access soon, well in advance of the storm Saturday evening.”

“I emphasize to folks. I can’t guarantee what’s going to happen over the next couple of days, but the forecast does not look positive for our state. DO NOT TRY to ride it out. If local officials ask you to leave please heed that. I would prefer not to make evacuations mandatory.”