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Hoboken Named No.1 Public Transportation City in the Country

Taken from article in Hoboken Patch

Forbes Magazine compiled the list and named Hoboken the winner.

Forbes Magazine named Hoboken the top public transportation city in the nation.

To Hoboken’s director of transportation and parking, Ian Sacs, the ranking comes as a pleasant surprise.

Sacs said the city is pushing for alternative modes of transportation, to make it easy for Hoboken residents to give up their cars.

The amount of resident parking permits requested has been decreasing over the last couple of years, Sacs said.

The Corner Cars Program, Sacs said, has caused approximately 80 residents to surrender their parking permits, and thus their cars. An upcoming initiative, Sacs said, is the approval for bike lanes on more than half of Hoboken’s streets.

Besides biking and walking, public transportation is very heavily used in Hoboken, according to Forbes Magazine.

“In fact, their use of public transportation is higher than any other city in nation,” the article stated.

The Forbes article also outlined the city’s inititatives to reduce the parking and congestion problem in Hoboken.

“Hoboken is so serious about reducing the role of the personal automobile that it partnered with Hertz to initiate the nation’s first car sharing program, which now boasts 42 vehicles and 1,600 members. There are three shuttle bus services running through town and city employees can’t keep up with the demand for bike racks at Hoboken’s PATH station,” the article stated.

Sacs also touted his efforts to make Hoboken more safe for pedestrians, an issue, he said, on which the city is “constantly working.”