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Hoboken street brine keeps snow off streets after first storm

Hoboken streets survived last night’s snowfall after the city applied a salt brine to the streets.

The plan, which was announced a month ago while preparing for winter weather, paid off for city which has a notoriously difficult time with weather.

“It works better than rock salt,” said Jon Tooke, public safety director. “Snow has to hit individual pieces of salt to be affected while the brine solution can be distributed evenly across surfaces. The snow lands on it and doesn’t accumulate.”
Snow plows have been out throughout the day clearing streets, with only pockets of snow still remaining on the streets throughout the city.
The city will also have more plows this year, including two fire department and two parking utility trucks outfitted with plows, said city spokesman Juan Melli.
These trucks will clean areas around fire departments and municipal garages and lots before helping clear snow elsewhere in the city, Melli said.
He said the city will also use at least three salt spreaders and a new front-end loader which is expected to be purchased soon.
“You can tell there is a difference,” said Hoboken resident Mark Doran. Doran, who has lived in Hoboken for three years, said he was dreading the snow because it causes more problems in the already-congested Hoboken streets.
“Small streets plus snow is a disaster,” he said. “It seemed like this new brine worked pretty well. It was a good fix.”

Published: Saturday, January 21, 2012, 3:34 PM
By Stephanie Musat/ For The Jersey Journal