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Hudson County rated slightly below average in ‘Quality of Life’ poll

Hudson County residents gave their municipalities high marks for mass transportation and the pace of redevelopment, and a failing grade for open space and local municipal leaders, a Monmouth University poll revealed.

Overall, Hudson County ranked slightly below the state average in the Monmouth University Polling Institute’s Quality of Life Index poll. Besides issues with the amount of open space in the county, only 4 of 10 residents approve of the job their municipal leaders are doing.

The poll rated residents’ perception of the state, of their hometown, and then various aspect of their county.

On a scale from -100 to +100, Hudson County received a +20, while the state average was +21. Morris County received the highest score with +42, and Cumberland County received the lowest with +5.

Hudson County was one the few counties where residents actually gave lower ratings to their hometowns than to the state as a whole. Of Hudson County residents surveyed, 64 percent approved of their hometown, while 70 percent approved of the state.

Hudson County was the most satisfied with mass transportation, with 88 percent of residents approving of public transportation. Hudson County was also one of the most satisfied counties in terms of the pace of redevelopment — 60 percent.

Hudson County residents gave low marks in the areas of crime and safety (51 percent), the environment (50 percent), and open space (33 percent).

Hudson residents also lack confidence in their local government more than most New Jerseyans, with just 40 percent approving of their municipal government.

The survey of residents also showed that Hudson County is a pretty unfriendly place to live. More respondents rated the neighborliness of their area low (32 percent) rather than high (21 percent), one of three counties in New Jersey where that’s the case.