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St. Patrick’s Day Recipes: A Little Something For Everyone

St. Patrick’s Day is all about taking in the flavor of Irish culture, particularly in food and drink.

While the staples of St. Patty’s may be consideredcorned beef and cabbage and Guinness, there’s a world of Irish cuisine out there to enjoy come Thursday. From stews to scones to coffee there are a ton of unique recipes that can be prepared to celebrate the day.

For our list of corned beef and cabbage recipes, click here.

Serena Norr of Seriously Soupy put together somerecipes for Irish stews and soups, including a cheddar ale soup and an Ancient Irish Leek and Oatmeal Soup-Brotch ‘n Roy that’s really out of the box. There’s also a hearty beef stew recipe if you’re looking for a hefty alternative to corned beef.

Guinness, however, can take things to the next level. The Irish stout lends a unique flavor to many dishes, and can be incorporated into virtually anything, including pizza, chicken, and whoopie pies. Endless Simmer put together a list of 100 ways to cook with Guinness, most of which you’d probably never think of.

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As St. Patrick’s winds down, you may want to sweeten things up. One For The Table lent us an incredibly simple yet nonetheless delicious recipe for an ice cream beer float that’s sure to change things up, which you can see by clicking here (spoiler: there’s only two ingredients).

There’s also the perfect Irish coffee, from The Daily Meal.

For some unfortunately, a long St. Patrick’s day can run into the morning quite unpleasantly. So Carolyn Scott of “The Healthy Voyager” put together a short list of healthy hangover fighting foods and vegan cocktails, including Irish scones and a completely vegan Irish cream.

Just remember, enjoy all there dishes responsibly, no matter how delicious they are.