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The Best Things to Buy in March

Spring is on its way, and a lot of Spring recreation items are going on sale. Here are some of the best things to buy this month.

Every month, we look back at the best times to buy anything during the year, and pull out items each month to remind you what’s coming. Obviously, none of this is to say you should go on a shopping spree—but if you’ve been holding off for a lower price on something, these are the things that get the sale treatment in March.

All Winter
Gas Grills & Air Conditioners: It’s starting to get warmer, but not so much that people are rushing to buy grills and air conditioners, so you can still find them on sale for a little bit less than usual. If you’re in need of a new one, grab it now before the weather starts to heat up.
Wedding Supplies: Like grills, everyone’s still waiting for this dreariness to pass before they have their wedding, which means it’s much easier to find a venue and negotiate prices. Indoor weddings aren’t that bad, we promise.
Boats: According to About.com’s Powerboating section, we’re at the tail end of boat show season, which usually peaks in February. If you have room to store it for another month or two, see if you can grab them for a lower cost now.
Frozen Foods: National Frozen Food Month. It’s a real thing. Head to your grocery store, find the coldest aisle in the building, and stock up—you should find some pretty good sales there. And the best part of all: they’re already frozen, so they’re designed to be stored for long periods of time. Just make sure you have space in your freezer.
Gardening Tools: The flowers haven’t started to bloom yet, but if you think ahead, you can grab those new gloves, shovels, or other tools now for less. While you’re preparing, throw an old rug on your garden to kill all the weeds before it comes time to plant.
Golf Clubs: Once again, the bitter sting of winter strikes at the heart of summer activity-based retailers—but that means you get some sweet savings. New models are starting to come out for the summer, which means your local pro shop is probably trying to get rid of last year’s models (which means you pay less for them).
Luggage: Why no one vacations in the depressing month of March I’ll never know, but it falls between vacation seasons, so you can usually get a good deal on that new suitcase you need. If you anticipate needing it on your next vacation, grab it now.
We’ll be posting updates for you guys every month, so you’re aware of the deals going on all year round. If you’re curious to see what’s coming up, you can always check out our full best time to buy guide to see the entire year at a glance. And, if you know of any deals we didn’t mention, share them in the comments below.

By Whitson Gordon